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DMV Certificates Issued

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Driver Education

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Awareness Information

Our courses meet California's Provisional Instruction Permit requirements for students under 18 years of age. Students who successfully complete Driver Education and Drug and Alcohol Awareness with Private Educational Network ( P.E.N.) will be issued California DMV Driver Education Certificates Of Completion (DL387) that are accepted by the DMV to apply for a permit.   Taught by a DMV licensed instructor.

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  • PROGRAM (1) DRIVER EDUCATION  and  PROGRAM (2) DRUG & ALCOHOL AWARENESS (may be substituted by P.E.N.) booklet items include:

  1. Over 300 worksheet questions

  2. Over 200 test questions

  3. Parent Section on behind-the-wheel instruction

  • Registration & Return Envelope (return within 5 days of receipt)

  • Pre-addressed Priority Envelope (to return course material)

  1. Call to Register (408) 280-1122

  2. Come to our office

  3. Complete and mail the pre-registration form along with a $110.00 check, money order or credit card information  to:


1020 Willow Street

San Jose, CA 95125-2345


Begin on Driver Education Program The Worksheets will direct you as to what to read, where to locate answers, exercises to complete, and when to test.


Contact  P.E.N. regarding any questions on the work book, testing for general information Monday - Wednesday 2:30-5:00 p.m. or e-mail daily PROGRAM SUPPORT



Only specific answers will be accepted. In P.E.N.'s opinion, excessive incomplete, illegible, or worksheets without specific answers will be considered a failure for the program without refund, regardless of the testing score.


A passing grade=75% average or better only (2) re-tests are allowed if average of 75% or better on tests is not achieved initially. ($5.00 per retest). The Parent or Guardian of the minor must administer the tests. Students must not have access to any of the testing materials until corresponding worksheets have been completed.

Upon completion of testing the parent/guardian must sign, date and print their California Driver's License or California Identification Card number on the test answer sheet where indicated. This certifies that the student completed the test without help.

Programs must be completed and received by P.E.N. no later than 30 days from the date materials were received. Should you require more time to complete the program, the following fees and terms apply:



01-10 days


11-30 days


Extension fees must be payable to P.E.N. and submitted with the completed course work within the designated time. No prior arrangements necessary. No exceptions.


Return the following materials to


1020 Willow Street

San Jose, CA 95125-2345

  1. Driver Ed. & Drug and Alcohol Awareness Worksheets

  2. Test Answer Sheets

  3. Tests


Upon receipt of student's materials it will take us approximately 7 business days to correct.  Completion certificates will be mailed upon successful completion of worksheets and testing.  Otherwise, we will mail a notice specifying why certificates have not been mailed.

COST = $110


For more information contact us at:

[email protected]

or (408) 280-1122